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California Pluralism Video Competition

$20,000 in prizes awarded

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Video Competition

"My California Religious Experience"

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Open Competition: $12,500 in prizes

2 GRAND PRIZES: $3000 each 2 RUNNER-UP PRIZES: $2000 each 5 HONORABLE MENTIONS: $500 each

Length: 3 – 7 minutes.

Eligibility: Experience living in California and follow YouTube's Community Guidelines.

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Deadline Extended

March 31, 2016


Create a video about some aspect of your California religious experience.

What does religious diversity look like in your neighborhood?

Has your family's religious identity changed over generations? Was moving to a new place a part of that change?

Does your family include diverse religious identities? How do you navigate those differences?

What interactions have you had with those who come from different religious or cultural backgrounds?

Are you more or less (or differently) religious than your grandparents?

How does your ethnicity, gender or sexuality interact with your religious identity?

Has religious belief ever prompted you to get involved in social or political activities?

Are there places in California that have special religious or spiritual significance for you?

Videos can be on any of these topics or others, but must be personal to you.

Be as creative as you like in telling your story—Music? Text? Animations?

Winning videos will

  • Tell a compelling personal story
  • Relate in some way to California culture, landscape, or history
  • Be visually interesting
  • Show evidence of careful planning and editing
  • Meet basic standards of audio and visual quality

The California Diversity Story is your story

Diversity isn’t just about different races and sexual orientations. It’s also about how we worship (or don’t); the foods we eat or don’t eat, the symbols we wear, the traditions we inherit and pass on (or not), our answers to the big questions, and the new questions we ask in each generation.
That’s where you come in.

The California Pluralism Project is a statewide initiative to improve understanding of religious diversity as a vital part of California’s multicultural landscape.

Supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities and led by religious studies faculty from the California State University, the Project is bringing together data, expert analysis, and real world accounts of the religious identities, attitudes, and activities of Californians to help educators engage students, improve cultural literacy, and foster civic participation.

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